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Fattest Perch Ever is New Idaho State Record

Facebook/Ashley Inn, Cascade, Idaho

This might be the fattest perch we’ve ever seen. 

Lake Cascade in Idaho has been known to produce some monster perch. If you remember, this perch broke the record last year after it was caught by a 12-year-old girl. Now, Skye Coulter of Donnelly, Idaho has claimed the new top spot with the fattest perch you’ve ever seen.

Topping the scales at 2.96 pounds, it was the girth of the perch that might be more impressive. With just one look at the picture below, the official measurement of a 13.25 inch girth isn’t even debatable.

As far as length, coming in at 15.63 inches, it would be a giant perch just about anywhere.


“I’ve caught them longer before, at 16 inches, they’ve just never been that big around,” said Coulter in an interview. “It’s pretty neat. I’ve been trying to catch that fish for 10 years. I knew there was one out there somewhere.”

The world record perch is still considerably bigger than what Coulter had just caught out in Idaho. That fish, caught in 1865, weighed in at an astounding 4 pounds, 3 ounces. As a matter of fact, that perch is considered to be the longest standing record of all freshwater fish that is maintained by the IGFA.

If this trends continues, it sounds like another perch record could fall any day out of Lake Cascade. If not, you can just about bet next year will have another giant perch pulled through the ice that will undoubtedly make the news as well.


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Fattest Perch Ever is New Idaho State Record