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Fatsack Incorporates Fishing Journal, Resources, and More in Free App

Now with Wide Open Spaces content incorporated into Fatsack, a new group of anglers can get in on the fun.

Tossing around a claim like “We can take the guesswork out of fishing” is pretty lofty. But when we came across Fatsack Outdoors and began to learn more about their mobile app, we knew they weren’t just talking big.

Available for free on iTunes and Android, Fatsack wraps together an angling journal, gear organization and tracking, bragging board, trip planner, and general resource into one user and angler friendly app. Take photos, log catches, set reminders to purchase more supplies, and connect with tons of other anglers and a wide range of information.

We could ramble on about it for a while, but it’s best to let the Fatsack crew speak for themselves, like this quote from one of their recent blog posts:

“Fatsack Outdoors created an app to get you, the fisherman, to the thrill of a great catch as quickly as possible. With a touch of a button, the app records all of the important data including exact location, water temperature, weather, and time of day. A few additional swipes of the thumb allow you to input the specific lure, jig or bait used to catch the fish. Your specific analytics are stored on your phone and are made available to you at all times. As more and more of your personal data is stored, the app creates graphs to display your best days on the lake. This makes it easier for you to duplicate and recall exact details after a great day of fishing.”

Need more reasoning? How about the fact that pros like Brian Latimer, Brandon Cobb, Jordan Lee, and Matt Lee are using it effectively as a learning tool to better their chances of winning a tournament. You pay attention to signature rods and reels, not to mention lures, so why wouldn’t you look at the technological tools pros use in fishing as well?

As part of a partnership with Fatsack, Wide Open Spaces will collaborate to provide information and resources to the growing list of users, and they’ll be able to contribute in their own ways as well.

If you want to eliminate a lot of the uncertainties about the way you fish, Fatsack is going to help, plain and simple.

Find out more by following them on Facebook and Twitter, and download the free app for a new way to fish.

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Fatsack Incorporates Fishing Journal, Resources, and More in Free App