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6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Camping Dad

Now’s the time to get your outdoor dad the gift he’ll use the most, and think of you every time he does.

If your dad loves to camp, takes hikes instead of jogs, hunts in the fall and fishes in the summer, then we’ve got a list of a few things he’ll love to receive for Father’s Day this year.


Is your dad the ultimate woodsman? If so, he needs a more effective way to split wood. The LeverAxe is lighter and chops faster by leveraging wood. Dad the Woodsman would be happy to get a LeverAxe for Father’s Day.


Survival Strap

No matter where he goes, dad is going to need to be prepared. The Survival Strap takes care of a big concern with its heavy duty paracord construction. Treated with Active Edge Technology, it is said to improve blood flow and oxygen intake, while also decreasing inflammation.


Vasque Inhaler GTX Hiking Boots

Tearing through backcountry trails has never been so easy on the feet. Vasque’s new Inhaler GTX hikers feature exclusive Vibram® Pneumatic soles, perfect for gripping surfaces encountered on any hike. They’re lightweight, breathable, and will look great on dad’s feet.


UCO Gear Grilliput Quattro Portable Camping Grill

The Uco Gear Grilliput Quattro is a lightweight, stainless steel grill that Dad can put on the side of his pack and cook his catch and kill right on the trail. It folds up neatly to be portable. Now Dad can be Grillmaster even far away from the house.

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UCO Gear Alki LED Lantern + Flashlight

Small and compact, the UCO Alki LED Lantern + Flashlight is water resistant and attaches to just about anything with its stout bungee cord. Shine some light on your father’s next camping trip.


Biolite Camp Stove

Here is where technology and the outdoors collide. The BioLite Camp Stove uses electricity directly from a wood-burning fire to charge lights, phones and any other gadgets Dad has to bring on the trail. Also a stove, Dad can minimize the amount of gear he brings on his outdoor excursions.


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6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Camping Dad