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Father-and-Son Duo Rescue Antler-Locked Deer From Watery Trap

A father and son duo rescue an antler locked deer from a watery trap in this incredible video filmed last year near Monticello, Illinois.

The deer had locked antlers in an altercation that left one of them dead. The surviving  buck wandered into a nearby pond and became trapped by the weight of his dead rival.

Charlie Anderson, a local veterinarian,  spotted the buck and quickly called up his son Steve to come help. Using a small rowboat, a saw and an axe, the two men set out to rescue the antler locked deer for certain death.

The rescue was not an easy task; the animal was exhausted, panicked and frightened. The sight of Steve’s axe – with which he used the blunt end to knock the deer’s antlers free – didn’t put the buck at ease either.

Two bystanders standing on the shore filmed the incident. Take a look.

The rescue took nearly 25 minutes. We’re glad these two men weren’t gored while trying to free the buck. They did a noble deed saving this buck’s life.

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Father-and-Son Duo Rescue Antler-Locked Deer From Watery Trap