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Father and Son Find ATM Machine While Hunting [VIDEO]

Finding an ATM machine while hunting is one thing this duo did not expect.

A Pennsylvania father and son hunting duo were quite surprised to find an ATM machine when they hit the woods for a deer hunting outing. This was the very first hunting trip for 11-year-old Aden Reich, who found the ATM machine in a field while hunting with his father, John.

Aden first spotted the ATM machine while heading into the woods and thought it was a gravestone.

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Is finding an ATM machine while hunting the last thing you’d think to see in the woods?

While an ATM machine is not exactly what you are hoping for on your hunt, it will be one that this father and son remember forever. John should be proud of his son for wanting to do the right thing and contact the police instead of just busting the ATM machine open to look for cash.

Looks like a true, honest outdoorsman in the making.

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Father and Son Find ATM Machine While Hunting [VIDEO]