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Father And Son Catch Near Record Lake Trout Ice Fishing [VIDEO]

If you enjoy a good father and son fishing experience, then you’ll love this video of a fish that comes close to a record lake trout.

A Canadian father and son duo recently posted this video of their fight with a near record lake trout on a frozen lake. We don’t know where in Canada the video was shot, but we do know their massive catch measured in at 43.75 inches long. It was an almost record lake trout, as the world record for a catch-and-release lake trout is 46-inches long. 

The video is nearly nine minutes long, but the build up from start to finish is definitely worth watching. When the father starts fighting the fish, his son tells him, “Dad, do you remember earlier when we were setting up, and I told you that today you were going to catch the biggest lake trout you’ve ever caught?”

When they first catch a glimpse of the fish in the water, they don’t think it will be able to fit through the hole. The father’s reaction when he pulls the trout out of the water is priceless. And when you see the size of the hook he caught the trout with, you will be amazed.

WARNING: This video does have some profanity in it.

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Father And Son Catch Near Record Lake Trout Ice Fishing [VIDEO]