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Father, Son Catch and Release 900-Pound White Sturgeon in British Columbia [VIDEO]

A father and son from Georgia landed an enormous white sturgeon while fishing in British Columbia last week.

19-year-old Paul Jarvis and his father Ron decided to celebrate Father’s Day early last week with a fishing trip to the Fraser River in British Columbia.

The trip turned out to be the fishing experience of a lifetime when the pair  caught and released a 900-pound white sturgeon – one of the largest of its kind ever caught in the famed Fraser.


Ron hooked the huge fish, and passed the rod to his son Paul. The pair spent more than an hour battling the mighty white sturgeon.

“In the first few minutes I had it on the line I couldn’t believe the weight and power of the fish,” said Paul. “I am a big guy and I could barely hold on to the rod let alone begin to reel the fish. Managing that fish became a true father and son challenge. As I battled the fish my dad handed me water to keep hydrated and he even held on to my fighting belt and harness. When I saw that head come out of the water, it was massive.”

The Jarvis men and their guide Dean Werk of Great River Fishing Adventures measured the fish in the water before they released it. It had an overall length of 11.1 feet, with a 56-inch girth.

Watch the Jarvis boys make the impressive catch in the video below.

While the Jarvis boys’ catch wasn’t a record breaker, it was one of the largest white sturgeon catches made in recent years in the Fraser River.

Back in 2012, Werk, The Jarvises’ fishing guide, guided a pair of Canadian anglers who caught a 12.4-foot, 1,100-pound white sturgeon on the Fraser River. That catch is believed to be the largest caught and released white sturgeon of all time.

White sturgeon are one of the largest freshwater fish species in the world. They can live more than a century and grow to incredible sizes.


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Father, Son Catch and Release 900-Pound White Sturgeon in British Columbia [VIDEO]