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Armed Father Barricades Son’s Hospital Room to Save His Life

This dad knew his son would live, even when the doctors disagreed, so he took drastic measures to save his son’s life.

George Pickering III had a stroke while on life support, and it was so severe that the doctors called in the organ donation organization. His father, George Pickering II, knew his son would live if given just a little more time.

The father then retrieved a handgun, one that looks similar to a Springfield XD. He barricaded himself in his room, thinking that with just a few more hours, his son might show some signs of life. Sure enough, the son squeezed the hand of his armed father several times, on command.

In what seems like a miraculous turn of events, Pickering III is alive and cogent today. According to his father, he had pulled through a similar event in the past. Of course, the armed father was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Recently though, one charge was dropped and one was lessened.

Have you ever heard of a person defending his family’s life from doctors? Would you have done the same?

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Armed Father Barricades Son’s Hospital Room to Save His Life