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Father and Daughter Kill Pair of 14-Foot Gators in Louisiana

Image via Rivers

With two tags to fill, a father-daughter hunting team took advantage of their luck and killed a pair of 14-foot gators in Louisiana.

With a mere 16 gators allowed to be harvested from the Toledo Bend Reservoir, Christina Rivers was fortunate to score two of the coveted tags this season. With help from her father, Roger, the hunting team made the most of her luck by killing a pair of 14-foot gators from the area in early September.

According to the Times-Picayune, the duo baited the gators with a mixture of chicken, hog guts and nutria parts that were allowed to rot for days in a cooler with no ice, Roger's tried-and-true special blend. Once hung above the water, the stench can attract gators from miles around.

"It's real swampy up there, and the water is real deep with a lot of flooded swamp bottom joining into it," Roger claimed, an environment that suits giant gators.

Roger Rivers is no stranger to the gator game. Last year he killed two gators over 12 feet long from the same area. He has also appeared on the hit TV show, Swamp People.

For those curious about Toledo Bend Reservoir, it is a 185,000-acre lake constructed on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana. It is the largest man-made body of water in the South and, evidently, home to some monster alligators.

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Father and Daughter Kill Pair of 14-Foot Gators in Louisiana