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Father and Son Double up on Some Osceola Turkeys

Traditionally, osceola turkeys are harder birds to hunt, but that didn’t stop these two. 

On a recent trip to Florida, Chris Ellis and his son Jack, participated in a hunt of lifetime. These two lucky hunters were able to tag out two osceola turkeys together in fairly quick succession.

As you are about to see, the emotions from the hunt were very evident on the face of Chris after the realization of everything that had to come together to make this hunt a reality.

Hopefully this video from NRApubs will be a carbon copy of your turkey hunt this year as well.

Normally when the hunt is over, we all share emotions like you just saw. Of course, coupled with a double up on osceola turkeys with your son, your emotions would pretty much be shot into overdrive.

Osceola turkeys only live in Florida. For those attempting the turkey grand slam, which consists of Eastern, Osceola, Rio Grande, and Merriam’s species of turkeys, it tends to be the osceola which provides the most difficulty. Getting this bird out of the way for Jack this early in his hunting career only opens up his door a little wider to this rare achievement.

A big special thanks goes out to the father. It’s because of moments like this that hunting will continue to be a tradition passed on for generations to come.

Awesome job guys!



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Father and Son Double up on Some Osceola Turkeys