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Father and Son Declare Hunting is Not About the Horns


For this father and son hunting is about so much more than simply bagging a trophy. The trophy is just the icing on the cake.

In hunting the word trophy means different things to different people. For this father and son the hunt is not about the trophy bull elk. It’s about time spent together chasing that trophy bull elk.

The Gritty Bowmen state, “Every year we harvest beautiful animals that feed our families and decorate our walls. These experiences have given us cherished memories that we share and re-share over campfires and gatherings.”

But for one of their own – the father – success as defined by taking a bull elk has eluded him. This man has taken elk. But never a big bull elk. His son wants him to score on a bull elk, before his hard hunting years pass him by.

“He has never let the failure to kill a bull get in the way of his idea of success. Year after year, hunt after hunt, he has hunted harder than guys half his age; and he has loved every minute of it.”

It shows. This film is full of love. Love for the hunt. Love for the elk. Love for the camaraderie of the camp. It’s an imminently satisfying film. I’m not even going to talk about whether or not he got his bull. That’s really immaterial. Watch the video.

“And at the end of the day, whether a bull is down or not we will be successful. We’ve learned that from him. That’s the legacy he’s given us. Love what you do no matter the outcome. Work hard… really hard. Believe. And appreciate all that our Creator has done for us.”

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Father and Son Declare Hunting is Not About the Horns