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Father, Son Accused of Acting as Guides Without Licenses

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This father-son duo had no guide or hunting licenses in North Dakota, officials say. 

North Dakota’s game and fish department say a father and son guided bird hunters without an outfitter license or hunting license.

Warrants for the arrest of Keith Strand, 53, and his son Ryan Strand, 23, were filed in district court last week. The two are each facing a Class C felony after allegedly committing several other small infractions. The felon is under a new North Dakota statue regarding exploitation of wildlife.

“As far as I know this is the first time somebody has been charged under that statute,” Game and Fish Investigative Supervisor Scott Winkelman told Inforum.

The two were allegedly caught red-handed when they unknowingly guided undercover Game and Fish officers on a duck hunt in Williams County near Tioga. The undercover bust was a part of a lengthy investigation authorities were conducting on their business Strand Outfitters based out of Minnesota.

Apparently the two were doing business in North Dakota even though neither one had a North Dakota hunting or guiding license. Inforum reports Keith continually gave authorities hunting license numbers that were incorrect.

Digging themselves an even deeper hole, officials discovered hunting gear and numerous geese and ducks allegedly killed illegally by the two during a search warrant investigation of their vehicle and trailer.

The exploitation of wildlife charge comes after the two piled up misdemeanor wildlife charges. Ryan accounted for 12 on a two-day trip last fall while his father accounted for 14 between October of 2014 and November of 2015.


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Father, Son Accused of Acting as Guides Without Licenses