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Fatal Boating Incident in Florida Leads to Manhunt

One man has been found dead and a manhunt is still underway for possible survivor after a fishing trip in Florida waters goes awry.

Saturday morning, Nov. 22, two men left for a fishing trip near Shell Island, Fla. When the wife of Joseph Johns, the owner of the fishing vessel, became worried after they were not back on time, she contacted emergency personnel. The United States Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Crew have since located Johns who is now deceased. Johns was 44.

His fishing partner, Daniel Tingley, has yet to be located. Coast Guard and FWC crews continue their search using helicopters and watercraft. They have discovered the 12-foot boat from which the two men were apparently fishing. The boat was found capsized at approximately 10:00pm EST on Sunday.

As of Nov. 26, 2014 there is still no news regarding Daniel Tingley's condition or whereabouts.

If you have any information regarding this emergency please contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation or the United States Coast Guard.

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Fatal Boating Incident in Florida Leads to Manhunt