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Would You Scale Your Fish Using a Pressure Washer?

Somebody just found the fastest way to remove the scales from your fish, and anything else that gets in the way.

Leave it to fishermen, successful fishermen, to find a fast and easy to clean and prepare that stringer full of delicious fish they just brought home.

Here’s an idea that’s been tried before, but these guys make it look easy. The question is, will it ruin your catch?

Boy, talk about fast and easy! This sure isn’t the first time any of us have nailed our fish to a board to hold it down while we cleaned it, but it’s a good thing the board itself didn’t fly away.

Using a pressure washer obviously works, but would doing so affect the meat? I’ve got to believe that these guys have done this before so they couldn’t care less. What’s the worst that could happen- maybe make the flesh mushy or introduce some pressured water into it?

I wonder if this is how they do turkey flavor-injection where they live.



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Would You Scale Your Fish Using a Pressure Washer?