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Who Has the Fastest Duel Shooting Speed? [VIDEO]

Who wins the fastest duel in this shooting steel battle?

Taran Butler. Robert Vogel. Two of the fastest and well known shooters in the world. They both hold some of the quickest records in the world of speed shooting and IDPA/USPSA circuits. Both teach other shooters how to be the fastest they can be. And yet there is one question that plagues us all. One of the most important questions that could ever be asked by anyone in the competition arena:

Who's faster?

In this episode of the Fastest Duel, Butler and Vogel go head to head to prove once and for all, who the fastest on the trigger is.


Did you see that? Me neither. That was some of the fastest shooting I have seen in a long time.

Both being good sports, Vogel and Butler obviously had some fun and got to shoot off a few rounds with each other in this video. The next time you ever wonder about who can be the fastest, check out this video and see for yourself who won.

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Who Has the Fastest Duel Shooting Speed? [VIDEO]