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Fast & Furious Boar Hunting in Tunisia: The Importance of the Speed Reload

Fast & Furious Boar Hunting In Tunisia The Importance of the Speed Reload

The action comes fast and furious in this video a guy made on his Tunisia boar hunting trip!

This hunter was hunting boar in Tunisia armed with a double barreled shotgun (which is typical in that country). Well, he was positioned just right to intercept a sounder of wild boar running right at him and quickly more hogs than he could handle.

Watch the video to see the how fast things happened!

It looks like he made a couple of pretty good shots and probably got one or two hogs out of the group. However, things were happening too fast and he got excited, thus messing up his first reload.

It's a good thing those wild boar were more interested in getting out of there because things could have gone wrong in a hurry if one would have attacked him.

If you're restricted to using a double barrel shotgun for hunting due to the laws where you live, make sure you practice speed reloading. Otherwise, hunt with something with a larger magazine size if you're going after a potentially dangerous animal like a wild boar.

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Fast & Furious Boar Hunting in Tunisia: The Importance of the Speed Reload