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Fashion Model Says It's Good to Have Gun Knowledge

Model Hannah Ferguson, who's appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition the last three years, says it's good for people to familiarize themselves with guns. 

Fashion model Hannah Ferguson, 23, may seem like an unlikely gun enthusiast but has proven to be the opposite. The Texas native comes from a family of Marines who introduced her to firearms at an early age.

"Growing up, at a pretty early age we learned to shoot," she told FOX411. "They started us with pellet guns."

Like other women out there, Ferguson believes firearms use is very misrepresented by the media and the gun control lobby.

"I feel like it's good to have gun knowledge. I feel like a lot of people are scared of guns," she explained. "They think they're bad and they really don't know anything about it."

"I don't think they should be taken away from people because any bad person who wants to find a gun is going to find a way to get it and then what?" she asked. "We don't have a way to protect ourselves? I feel like people should get more knowledge and understanding."

Hannah Ferguson is not the only high-profile woman in Hollywood to come out in favor of firearms. Last summer, actress Kelly Carlson of "Nip/Tuck" fame decided to become more pro-active in the gun industry after facing relentless stalking following the show's success. She recounts her story in the video below:

Other women inside and outside of Hollywood are joining the shooting sports industry. Why? They desire to be more secure with themselves, to better protect their families, and to feel empowered.

Let's hope Hannah Ferguson and other high-profile Hollywood females continue to speak out in favor of the Second Amendment.


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Fashion Model Says It's Good to Have Gun Knowledge