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Fascinating Facts About the American Alligator [INFOGRAPHIC]

American alligators are incredibly resilient and fascinating reptiles.

Plainly put - American alligators are older than dirt. They survived the dinosaur extinction event more than 65 million years ago, and they have been around as a species for more than 150 million years. They are powerful predators that have binocular-like vision, a wicked bite and armor-plated hides.

American alligators' are found in swamps, wetlands and marshes from North Carolina down to the tip of southern tip of Texas. The biggest gator ever caught was in Louisiana. That monster gator was 19.2-feet long and weighed nearly 2,000 pounds.

Louisiana is also home to a thriving alligator trade. For nearly a century, alligator hunters have boated the Bayou hunting the American alligator. The big reptiles are mainly harvested for their meat and hides, but every part usually gets used in the harvesting process. In recent years, alligator hunting has been popularized by the hit TV show Swamp People. The program explores the lives of Cajun fishermen who pursue American alligators in the Bayou Swamps.

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Alligator infographic

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Fascinating Facts About the American Alligator [INFOGRAPHIC]