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Farson Blade: Quite Possibly the Ultimate Survival Tool [VIDEO]

Farson Blade

Fremont Knives is still a relatively new player in the knife world, but they may have made a big splash with the Farson Blade.

For the most part, every knife-making company keeps the same traditional knife designs and tweaks them to best fit different scenarios. Either by the length, metal type, handle, or size. Fremont Knives has come up with something completely new with the Farson Blade that may change the world of knives forever.

They stumbled upon this new idea for a multi-purpose knife after finding a handmade stone tool in Wyoming. They teamed up with a custom knife maker to give the tool a 21st century makeover for people to enjoy today.

The guys at Ultimate Survival Tips got a hold of the Farson Blade and put it through its paces to see just how this unique blade stood up against a regular survival knife.

I can’t believe how well this crazy-looking knife performed in this video. They really put some deep thought into the materials of the Farson Blade as well as what the customer might be putting it through. Since the release of this review, Fremont Knives has an upgraded carbon steel version and leather pouch available.

After seeing this, I believe I am going to head over to their website and order one for myself. I could really see myself using this in a lot of the survival and bushcrafting skills I love to learn and practice. If it performs as well as this video shows, it might even be a great replacement for some of the heavier hatchets and larger knives I carry or, at the very least, something I can quickly grab from my side for quick light work and jobs.

You can purchase these from Amazon or directly from Fremont Knives website as well as some of their other tools based off this design. The stainless steel version with nylon sheath is $39.95 with the carbon steel version with a leather sheath at $69.99.

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Farson Blade: Quite Possibly the Ultimate Survival Tool [VIDEO]