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Farmers Help Free Buck Trapped Between Bales of Hay [VIDEO]

When good samaritans help animals it is heart-warming. Watch theses farmers free a buck trapped between bales of hay. 

We, as humans encroaching on wildlife habitat, must do our part when we interfere with animals.

Watch these farmers bring in the heavy machinery to help free a big buck trapped between bales of hay.


Here, a buck somehow got trapped under a bale of hay. It looked like he may have been there for a while because he had a major case of dead leg when the farmers finally free him. But after shaking it off, he bounds away into the nearby woods.

Living symbiotically with the natural world around us is a balancing act. Everyone must do their part in conservation as our population grows and encroaches on wildlife environment.

The farmers, hunters and sportsmen in this country who live in closer proximity to nature live with this balance every day and when their daily conservation acts get caught on film, a collective sigh can be heard across the nation.

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Farmers Help Free Buck Trapped Between Bales of Hay [VIDEO]