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Farmed Deer Will Be Taxed in Iowa


Iowa has passed a new bill requiring the purchase of farm-raised deer to be taxed.

In a last minute decision by the 2015 Iowa legislature, all farm-raised deer will no longer be exempt from sales tax like other livestock.

Officials felt that since most of these deer were being raised as trophies for hunters they should not qualify for tax exemption like cows and pigs.

Iowa Democrat, and hunter advocate, Dick Dearden said, “Deer raised on farms are to be sold to preserves, not raised for meat as other farm animals are. They are raised for their antlers for some yo yo to come in from out-of-state, or even in state to shoot a big deer with a rifle in a pen.”

Taxing the deer is also in an attempt to help stop the spread of chronic-wasting disease that threatens wild, free-range deer.

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Farmed Deer Will Be Taxed in Iowa