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How Far Would You Go to Protect Your Deer Blind? [VIDEO]

No one wants unwanted visitors using their deer blinds when they are away.

These hunters came up with a way to deter trespassers from hunting on their land and using their deer blinds.

They shot it full of holes!


Most hunters know that blissful feeling of heading to your deer blind before daylight, anticipating a peaceful morning in the woods, and excited for the day of hunting ahead. That excitement can go south when you arrive at your blind and find it trashed by trespassers.

It’s bad enough when trespassers come onto your land without permission, let alone hunt on your land without permission. It can be downright infuriating when they tear up your deer blind.

Maybe you just have to take creative preventative measures like these hunters.

They shot their blind full of holes and taped the following sign to it:

Dear Trespassers,

This is private property. Though this blind might look tempting…

We also use it for target practice…

I think that’s a pretty good way to get your point across.

Hopefully, these hunters do not have anymore bad experiences with their deer blinds!

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How Far Would You Go to Protect Your Deer Blind? [VIDEO]