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How Far Can You Accurately Shoot the .17 HMR? [VIDEO]

The remarkable .17 HMR cartridge is a great varmint getter.

Question is, how far out will that little .17 HMR bullet still retain its energy and accuracy?

Let's find out!

The incredible .17 HMR cartridge is a hot seller on the store shelves. Its tiny .17 caliber bullet can definitely cause some damage on the vermin species of your choice.

This guy decides to try out his .17 HMR rifle at progressively longer ranges to check the accuracy of this bullet. At about the 300-yard mark, the accuracy quickly decreases and this lightweight bullet loses impact power.

At closer distances, .17 HMR cartridge will still hit the mark and take down the vermin!

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How Far Can You Accurately Shoot the .17 HMR? [VIDEO]