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Fanning a Big Old Gobbler With a Strutting Decoy [VIDEO]

This hunter takes down a big old gobbler using a controversial technique.

Call it stalking, fanning, or turkey reaping, there is no doubt that this turkey hunting tactic works.


When you deal with a turkey who has seen and heard it all, taking the game to him is the only path to a successful hunt. However, hunters should think twice before trying this tactic for themselves. Here are some points to consider before using this method.


NEVER use this tactic on public land. Other hunters could mistake you for the real tom you are imitating, which can lead to a terrible accident. Even on private property, you should be 100% aware of other hunters in the area. Try to stay away from field edges and other places another hunter could be hiding. Even a big old gobbler is not worth getting shot in the face.


Some states, like my native Pennsylvania, do not allow turkey stalking in the spring. Check the rules in your hunting area before trying this on your local gobblers.


Each hunter must examine his or her own hunting ethics. Some hunters feel blinds should be outlawed, while others hunt exclusively from them. Some hunters think calling is the only ethical way of killing a turkey and consider decoys unethical. Fanning is not different. Some hunters think it’s okay and some don’t. Decide for yourself.

Whether you choose to fan a turkey this year, or use the more traditional calling technique, make sure you get out in the woods this spring and enjoy this magical time of year. I can’t wait!

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Fanning a Big Old Gobbler With a Strutting Decoy [VIDEO]