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Now This is How You Fan a Gobbler Right into the Gun Barrel

This hunter takes the art of fanning a gobbler to a whole new level.

Not only does he fan the gobbler into gun range, the turkey almost runs into the end of his barrel.

Watch the video to see this exciting action unfold from the hunter's point of view.

I guess he got his chance to say hi to him.

Fanning a gobbler is one of the trendiest ways to fill your turkey tag. However, this deadly tactic is not legal everywhere (i.e. Pennsylvania). It's also not a good idea to crawl around hiding behind a turkey decoy on public lands or in states where rifles are legal in the spring (i.e. Texas, Virginia).

There are some who question the ethics of the tactic as well, since turkeys seem to be hypnotized into submission by a turkey fan rather than coaxed into range by calling. I say, "To each his own." Any legal hunting method is okay in my book, but hunters need to decide for themselves where to draw the ethical/unethical line.

For reasons previously stated, I won't be fanning a gobbler into gun range this spring, but the choice is up to you as to whether you will use this tactic or not.


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Fanning a Big Old Gobbler With a Strutting Decoy [VIDEO]

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Now This is How You Fan a Gobbler Right into the Gun Barrel