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Family Rescues Incredibly Rare Wild Albino Hedgehog

All images via Express/UK

Have you ever seen a wild albino hedgehog? Probably not. 

In a feel-good story coming from across the pond, a mother and son were driving home after dark when 13-year-old son Lucas Johnson spotted what he though was a glowing animal on the side of the road. Quickly, his mother Fiona Johnson pulled over and found something they couldn’t believe: an albino hedgehog.


On average, 1 in 100,000 hedgehogs are actually born albino. Knowing that this family found something truly rare, they have decided to keep it safe over the winter until they can let it go when the weather warms back up.

It’s a good thing they decided to keep him inside this winter. Currently, this hedgehog, the family named Hoglet, weighs half of what a normal hedgehog should weigh.


Hopefully, with a little loving, they can fatten him up before he gets released this spring.

“I took him to the vet just for peace of mind, to get him checked over and for a bit of advice,” Johnson said in an interview

“When I got Hoglet out of the basket he was all curled up and you couldn’t see his nose or feet, but as he was unravelling, the vet was becoming more and more excited,” Johnson exclaimed. “He said, ‘He’s got a long nose! He’s got five toes!’ He couldn’t believe it was actually a European albino hedgehog. He started taking pictures and everything.”

Currently, Hoglet lives in the Johnson family home right next to the radiator.

All images via Express/UK


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Family Rescues Incredibly Rare Wild Albino Hedgehog