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Family of Orcas Have Some Fun in British Columbia [VIDEO]


Orcas of all ages and sizes join in on some family fun off an island in the British Columbia.

One hot spot tourist like to flock in the attempt to see orcas in the wild is British Columbia's Active Pass near Galiano Island.

The ferries crossing the waterway, mixed with the constant shift of the tide, make this a favorite place for orcas to come play around.

On Sunday afternoon, tourists of the area got a spectacular show put on by over 50 orcas.

Gary Cullen was one of them and caught some amazing footage as they breached the water and even performed some synchronized swimming routines they look like they have been working on.

It is just so cool to see the way they play and chase each other around, especially the baby who seemed to really be having some fun. Seeing that many wild animals play with each other at once like that is not something that people get to witness very often.

I hope to one day make my way north to experience something like this first-hand. It is definitely one of the items on my bucket list I plan to cross off.

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Family of Orcas Have Some Fun in British Columbia [VIDEO]