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Family Makes Awesome Camping Setup from Old Military Trailer


This family’s military trailer camping setup will really get your mind working about a future project. 

People make their very own custom setups for camping all of the time, from rooftop tents, to pop-ups, and more. This camping loving family decided to really take it up a notch by converting an old military trailer into a sweet camping setup that can go anywhere they need.

They purchased the M101A3 from a military liquidator before adding their own touches and giving the trailer a new life. Some of their modifications include a family sized rooftop tent, water and fuel storage racks, and more.

See their complete setup and modifications in the walk through video below.

I really like how they didn’t really try to change the trailer any, but work around it to make it fit their needs. I see a lot of people buy trailers just to gut them down and go through a whole lot of unnecessary work to make them into campers.

Their setup is also very quick and easy. In some of the comments they stated they could have their tent, awning, and other items camp ready in around fifteen minutes. That is a big deal when you have kids running around who are ready to explore instead of watching their folks setup camp.

I like how they brought up the issue of non-trailer friendly areas. This is something I don’t think a lot of people think about when they decide to go on trips to certain places around the country. It is important to do a little research ahead of time online or to ask people who have been to places you are going to see what the roads and other things are like before dealing with the headache of it yourself.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person looking for a cool new project to get you out into the woods. I would definitely look into making your own setup like this.


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Family Makes Awesome Camping Setup from Old Military Trailer