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Family Effort Brings in Huge Alligator Gar in Texas

alligator gar

If not for their teamwork, this family may never have landed this huge alligator gar.

The original report of this fish by goes like something like this: Andres Aguilar went fishing for alligator gar Tuesday morning on Lake Findley with his brother Austin and their dad Freddy. As the day progressed, the fish were simply not cooperating.

The family had confidence in their heavy-duty tackle setup, but for the first few hours, they failed to fool any of the weary gar into eating the cut-up perch they were using for bait. Then, suddenly, they noticed one of their extra rods beginning to twitch.

Their dad picked up the rod, and the battle began. Immediately, it became clear that this fish was not your ordinary Lake Findley gar. This one was much larger.

alligator gar
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After doing battle with the fish for a little over a  half an hour, Freddy handed the rod to Andrew who fought the fish for 35 more minutes until they began to near the shoreline. At that point, Andrew tossed the rod to his little brother Austin, who was able to land the fish after continuing to fight it for another 25 minutes. After all was said and done, the family marveled at the size of the massive fish.

“All we were thinking the whole time was to land the fish and hopefully the line wouldn’t bust,” Andres said.

The fish ended up measuring six feet, six inches in length and surpassed the families previous record of by two inches. Now that the heavy lifting is over, I am sure a fish fry is right around the corner.

This story is just one more reason why Texas has become a mecca for targeting monster alligator gar. The numerous rivers and lakes that cross the state are home to some of the largest alligator gar you can find.

Fishing with conventional tackle, fly rods, and even bow fishing are among the most popular fishing methods for the species.

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Family Effort Brings in Huge Alligator Gar in Texas