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Famed and Talented Outdoor Artist Terry Redlin Dies

Redlin Art

Terry Redlin, famous outdoor artist, passes away at age 78.

Redlin, known for iconic artwork like Best Friends, Heading Home, and Bountiful Harvest, has passed away in his home town of Watertown, South Dakota.

Terry Redlin Painting Titled "Bountiful Harvest" - Photo Credit:
Terry Redlin Painting Titled “Bountiful Harvest” – Photo Credit:

According to his biography on Redlin Art, the iconic wildlife and outdoor artist received a degree from the St. Paul School of Associated Arts and worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 25 years before shifting towards his outdoor paintings. The website boasts that his paintings can be seen in over 900 galleries around the world. He had been painting for over 30 years when he retired in 2007 due to health complications.

Terry Redlin Painting Titled "Best Friends" - Photo Credit:
Terry Redlin Painting Titled “Best Friends” – Photo Credit:

Redlin’s artwork commonly consisted of agricultural and wildlife themes, most of whom were inspired by the local area in South Dakota where he lived and grew up. Interest in Redlin’s paintings first soared when a copy of his work titled “Winter Snows” appeared on the cover of The Farmer magazine in 1977. By 1979, with his work in high demand, Redlin retired from his art director position to focus solely on his paintings.

Many of his original paintings can be seen at the Terry Redlin Art Center, which is open year round in Watertown, SD. The facility also offers a gift shop, museum, and a cabin environment that visitors can enjoy based off of his famous “Comforts of Home” painting.

For additional details on his biography, purchasing artwork or information the Terry Redlin Art Center you can visit the art center’s website here: Terry Redlin Art Center.


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Famed and Talented Outdoor Artist Terry Redlin Dies