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The False Catshark, or the Sofa Shark, is One Ugly Fish

Mirror Online

A repulsive-looking false catshark was recently caught during a marine animal survey off Scottish waters.

The false catshark is not Jaws by any stretch of the imagination, though it is still a creature of nightmares. One look at the unusual shark captured in Scottish waters recently may conjure horror of the “wow-that-killed-my-appetite” variety.

All jokes aside, the animal was a unique and extraordinary find.

According to Mirror Online, this bizarre fish was discovered by Marine Scotland off the coast of the remote island of St. Kilda during a trawler survey of resident marine life. This is the first time in a decade that this species of catshark, also known as a sofa shark due to its lumpy appearance, has been spotted in local waters.

Harmless to humans, the false catshark’s immense liver allows it to slowly levitate over the ocean floor while feeding on fish, squid, and shrimp. Somehow, this fits with its creepy and unfortunate appearance.

Due to its deep sea habitat, the false catshark is rarely encountered, but has been identified in oceans around the world.

While an exciting catch for scientists and marine life enthusiasts, the false catshark will not be filmed for “Shark Week” breaching for seals as its white shark relative is fond of doing. And with a face like that, we have to say that we are thankful.

However, we’re sure that the Sofa Shark is a very gracious dinner party host.

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The False Catshark, or the Sofa Shark, is One Ugly Fish