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The False Cast: A Beginner Fly Fisherman's Worst Enemy

If you want to avoid making the biggest mistake beginner fly fishermen make, listen up.

When a beginner thinks about fly fishing, the first thing that comes to their mind is casting. Everyone envisions being waist deep in a glacier-made lake in Montana making 60' casts into an unrippled water.

Well that is simply not going to be the case 90 percent of the time. A less sexy, but more useful style of getting your fly to the water will be your cast of choice.

Listen up while Trout Magazine goes over one of the biggest mistakes beginner fly fishermen make: the false cast.

The first time I ever went fly fishing happened to be in the famous Madison river. After our quick lesson on the nuances of hooking fishing, we were knee deep in one of the most beautiful rivers I had ever seen. After my first few fish, my confidence began to rise and I started to do a few false casts each time before I slammed my double nymph set up into the flowing river.

After a few knots in my line that my eager guide helped me untangle, he looked straight at me and said something I will never forget for the rest of my fly fishing days, "Cody, you look cool doing those back casts. I mean you look really cool.  Now stop it and you'll spend more time catching fish than talking to me while I untangle this mess. Let the water load the rod and cast straight back up stream."

Talk about a hit to the ego. The lesson learned that day was you may look cool making unnecessary false casts, but you look even cooler catching fish. Keep this in mind the next time you hit the water.


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The False Cast: A Beginner Fly Fisherman's Worst Enemy