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Falling Acorns Means It's Time to Hunt. Here's Why.

Falling acorns are an indication that now, more than ever, is a great time to go hunting.

During the fall season, a rich mast of acorns are produced by the oak tree family, providing sustenance for much wildlife.

This influx of food supply affects the entire ecosystem of the woods, and is a major factor for hunters to add to their tool box of hunting tactics.KCHO-mrec

When an oak tree has a heavy output year for acorn production, wildlife may be drawn in for miles to this single tree or patch of trees. Squirrels and birds are the first to profit from the acorn production up in the tree tops. The squirrels will eat any size acorn, but prefer the larger, more nutritious ones.

Birds, such as the American grackle, descend on the smaller, more beak-compatible acorns and fatten up for the fall migration. While the acorns are in the trees, the squirrels and birds have a natural monopoly.

When the acorns fall to the ground, a new rush of other wildlife species arrive. Wild turkey, deer, bear, and hogs will gorge themselves on these fallen gourmet delights.

This is the time to target these areas of heavier acorn accumulations. It's the best time to hunt, as the animals will be looking down at the ground and not up at the hunter in a treestand.

Watch for the larger acorns from such trees as the white oak. They are much larger and draw game more reliably than the smaller acorns from such trees as the red oak.

The acorns provide a distraction for the animals, allowing the hunter to reach an effective range. The feeding frenzy is such a diversion that I, personally, have been within touching distance from some of these animals while they were busy chowing down.

When the acorns fall, make sure you are out in the woods to maximize this special time of year. Your game tags will thank you.

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Do you have memories of hunting in the mighty oak groves? Comment below to share your memories and tips.


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Falling Acorns Means It's Time to Hunt. Here's Why.