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Fall Fishing Tactics You Never Heard Of

Brad Smith

This fall, try these fishing tactics for bass and bluegill that might just be a little... different.

In the wold of fishing, using tactics that aren't well known often produce the best results. This holds true, especially in the fall, when fish are looking to put on weight to get through the upcoming winter.

The following fall techniques produce results in a big way, but only for those that know how effective these tactics can be.

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Largemouth bass are eating everything they can in attempts to store as much fat as possible before the water turns real cold in just a few short weeks. With that in mind, give them a big meal.

When I say a big meal, I mean a huge lure that looks and feels like a school of fish to any bass near it. How can any bass looking for protein turn this down?

Scott Dorsey of Throw'N Thunder showing off the  "Chandelier"
Scott Dorsey of Throw'N Thunder showing off the "Chandelier"

Large Alabama rigs usually include rubber baits that give the image of a school of fish and are devastating in the fall. That is where Throw'N Thunder Lure Company is tossing a curve-ball at the fishing scene with this new take on an already proven tactic.

By adding high quality titanium spinnerbaits and single blades above the rig attached to the wire shaft, the vibration of the chandelier is just unmatched. To a bass focusing on any vegetation that is still available and zoning in on baitfish, this set up is exactly what they are looking for.

Try one of these for yourself by checking out Thrown'N Thunder. Next time when you or your buddies go out fishing, you may just want to put some money on it.


Who doesn't love catching slab bluegills? Sometimes in the fall, bluegill fishing can get a little tough, especially after turnover.

During this time of the year, 'gills tend to stick to shallower water and slow down just a bit as they focus on eating plankton and any remaining bugs or small fish around weeds still holding life.


Also during this time, bluegills won't turn down a properly placed crankbait either. They are looking to add weight like all other fish right now and a protein packed morsel zipped across their face is often too tempting to pass by. Here is where it gets a little different.

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Try using a fly as a dropper on the back of that tiny crankbait. Tie about 6" to 8" of a small diameter fluorocarbon ending with a nymph or other small fly on the back of a Mini Rapala or any 2" or less floating crankbait.

Work the lure back to the boat in shallow water near weeds with pausing sweeps. As the crankbait comes back to the surface, the fly will be sinking. If the bluegills don't clobber the crankbait, they will be sure to destroy that fly.

If you're headed out to the water this fall, these reminders for largies and 'gills should give you a leg up.

Best of luck, but you may not need it if you follow these tips.

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Fall Fishing Tactics You Never Heard Of