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Grab This Late Summer Fishing Gear for the Last Strikes Before Fall

With this late summer fishing gear at your disposal, you’ll transition into the autumn season without fail.


Now that the summer is winding down, the fishing strategies you are using will need to be shifted.

Right along with the change in approach is the need for a readjusted gear selection, specifically the lures and baits you use to target late summer and fall fish.

Try some of these suggestions and see how big of a difference they can make when you go with larger sized bait, heavy duty rods and reels, an emphasis on topwater and more.

View the slideshow to see the late summer fishing gear you need this season.

Daiwa® Exceler®/Bass Pro Shops® Johnny Morris® CarbonLite™ Rod and Reel Baitcast Combos

Bass Pro Shops and Daiwa combined for this great Exceler/Johnny Morris CarbonLite Rod and Reel Baitcast Combo. It’s just the thing for targeting fat bass who are used to gobbling up larger sized bait fish this time of year.

Price: $169.98

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

If an entirely new set up is needed without breaking the bank, try the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Spinning Rod and Reel Combo for a less pricey option. Durability and strength will make this a great go-to rod and reel for seasonal fishing.

Price: $59.99-69.99

Heddon Super Spook Hardbaits

Since bass and other game fish are looking for bait they’re used to, some Heddon Super Spook Hardbaits might just be the perfect menu item for a hungry fish. ‘Walk the dog’ with these and you’ll get hits all day.

Price: $6.99

Live Target® Floating Field Mouse Lure

Your grandpa may have never dreamed of an artificial rodent bait, but here’s the Live Target® Floating Field Mouse Lure.

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Make room for it in your tackle box as summer turns to fall.

Price: $10.99

Musky Innovations Regular Dawg

The Musky Innovations Regular Dawg is an all-soft plastic lure balanced with a jig head for realistic horizontal swimming action.

Price: $11.99-16.99

Strike King Flip N Tube

Designed for flip and pitch casts, the Strike King Flip N Tube will help you get to the spots where the big ones are hanging out.

You can go weightless as a soft plastic jerk bait as well.

Price: $4.29

Strike King® Rage Tail® Anaconda Softbaits

Like we said, big baits are a sure bet in the fall. Go with the 10-inch Strike King® Rage Tail® Anaconda Softbaits for a versatile plastic worm that looks delicious to bass, walleye or other big boys. Set it up in a Texas Rig for the best results.

Price: $5.99

BOOYAH® Blade Spinnerbait – Double Willow

If the BOOYAH® Blade Double Willow finds a place in your gear bag, then you’ll be known as an insider fisherman. Why? Because these are proven to deliver the bites you’d expect on just about any water body.

Price: $5.99

Z Man Flappin CrawZ Soft Bait

Try some Z Man Flappin CrawZ Soft Bait as you move into late summer, and see how the fish take to them. You may be surprised, these pack some flash that can’t be resisted.

Price: $3.99

Rat-L-Trap Super Nova Crankbait

Some additions to the tried and true Rat-L-Trap Super Nova Crankbait make it a go-to late summer and fall lure. Sound and light wave attractant drive the fish wild.

Price: $6.99

Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug Lure

Spit, dart and chug with the Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug Lure and you’ll see why this topwater bug outperforms most others.

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The color options can help you narrow down on your specific targets.

Price: $6.99

SPRO® Bronzeye Shad

Developed by Dean Rojas who was looking for a better walking action, the SPRO® Bronzeye Shad executes a zig-zag pattern with the slightest twitch of your rod.

Price: $10.99

Flying Fisherman® Master Angler Azore Polarized Sunglasses

With unpredictable weather and sun patterns arising this time of year, a great pair of polarized sunglasses is essential for fishing.

These Flying Fisherman® Master Angler Azore Polarized Sunglasses are designed for and by the pros, so you can count on them to get the job done.

Price: $114.99

Gargoyles® Balance Polarized Sunglasses

A slightly less expensive pair of sunglasses for your perusal are the Gargoyles® Balance Polarized Sunglasses, which will help you spot fish better than your buddy as he squints in the sun.

Price: $34.99

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Grab This Late Summer Fishing Gear for the Last Strikes Before Fall