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Falconry + Paragliding = Parahawking [VIDEO]

Parahawking combines trained birds of prey with paragliding, and it’s incredibly cool.

Dubbed “the ultimate flying experience,” Parahawking is a conservation-centric activity started in Nepal, where Scott Mason has created a unique and award-winning concept.

Participants can fly in tandem paragliders, soar high over the Nepalese mountain ranges, and have an Asian vulture land on their extended arm. Check out the videos from Scott Mason‘s YouTube channel.

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Who wouldn’t want to do that?

And it’s for a great cause as well. Asian vultures, like the White Backed vulture, the Slender Billed vulture and the Long Billed vulture are experienced drastic populations declines thanks to an anti-inflammatory drug commonly administered to sick and dying livestock across Asia. The drug, called Diclofenac, is poisonous to vultures. From the website:

Parahawking supports vulture conservation by donating 1000 rupees from every Parahawking tandem experience to selected vulture conservation projects in Nepal.

To learn more about how to experience parahawking, go here.

What’s your favorite bird of prey?

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Falconry + Paragliding = Parahawking [VIDEO]