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Falconry Attempt Near Freeway Goes Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]

This falcon hunting trip is one of the worst ever. This is why you don't practice falconry near freeways. 

This could be considered as a terrible hunting fail. A hunting fail is a video or picture that shows a total breakdown of the hunting process. Most of the time, a hunting fail is a fairly funny experience. However, in this case, it's actually pretty tragic.

A Danish hunting show host is trying out falconry for the first time, all on camera. As soon as the falcon is released, it majestically flies across a field and right into oncoming traffic.

Watch this unfortunate event unfold below.

You can't help but feel terrible for the falconer. In almost all cases, falconry does not end up this way, but being aware of your surroundings never rang more true, especially in this case.

Hopefully the man in the video can find a new falcon soon and forget this day ever happened. And never let his falcons fly near busy freeways in the future.

Maybe we can all use this video as a reminder that when we let animals that we are responsible for off the leash, it's our responsibility for their well being, not their own.

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Falconry Attempt Near Freeway Goes Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]