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Perceived Carry Decoys Are Fake Holstered Guns But is the Company Fake as Well?

Facebook/Perceived Carry Decoys

Fake holstered handguns - could the fakes be fake? 

"Perception is Reality." That's the motto being used by Perceived Carry Decoys, a company that claims to sell a fake, holstered, semi-auto handgun. They contend that giving the perception that you are carrying a firearm will protect you from personal crime. The "gun" cannot even be removed from the holster, because the device is manufactured as one piece. It can't be drawn and brandished if an assailant isn't deterred by it being on your belt.

Among the reasons offered by the webpage  for owning and carrying their product is to, "give your unarmed security staff a more authoritative presence." They claim users get an, "increased level of protection associated with open carry," and to "feel protected," but frequently refer the their product allowing users to avoid the "dangers" of loaded firearms.

The company claims they have a product. The webpage shows two models, but doesn't give a price for either. If you click the "Add to Cart" button it provides shipping costs and options, but again, no prices.
Facebook/Guns Save Lives

But could the whole concept be a fake? A lot of people posting comments on the PCD Facebook page seem to think so. Some find the concept so bizarre they suspect the company may be "trolling" the internet. So what's the evidence? For one, their Facebook page says they liked the page of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. The CSGV Facebook page clearly indicates they have an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment stance. The PCD page also reposted the story of the woman in Idaho who was accidentally shot by her toddler in a WalMart store.

Then, there's the idea and the product itself. The overwhelming consensus among those commenting on the PCD Facebook page is that the idea is a bad one. A really bad one. Comments call it, "irresponsible," "dangerous," "going to get someone killed," and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Here's what makes me suspicious. When someone on Facebook argues that the PCD product might get someone killed, the argument back from the page owner is similar to this post, "If our products endanger lives, then it stands to reason real firearms will put you in the same danger. If people were getting shot simply for open carry it would have been banned long ago."

That sounds to me like someone who believes all firearms are dangerous.


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Perceived Carry Decoys Are Fake Holstered Guns But is the Company Fake as Well?