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How to Fail at Pulling a Stump in 3 Easy Steps [VIDEO]

Pulling a stump is easy. Being smarter than the stump is sometimes more difficult; saving the back window of your vehicle can be the hardest part.

Here’s a quick and easy lesson in failure for the entire stump pulling challenged community out there:

1. Attach stump to the rear of your truck.

2. Back up so you have plenty of slack.

3. Let your buddy verbally push you into thinking if you don’t punch it, it’s gonna get away.

Sometimes those pesky stumps will up and run away I guess; at least the guy talking seemed to think so.

Pulling a stump shouldn’t be about how fast it’s done, as the guy in the Suburban found out. He’s lucky that bad boy didn’t come right through the back window.

I’ve even seen the hitch fail on the vehicle and snap back almost decapitating anyone standing back there.

It’s all in fun since everybody walked away okay, but there are much better ways to pull a stump. Use common sense when removing a stump and if using a truck, slow down and let its size and weight do the work for you.



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How to Fail at Pulling a Stump in 3 Easy Steps [VIDEO]