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Camping Fails: Learn to Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

These common 5 mistakes while camping can be avoided. 

Check out these common mistakes before they ruin your next trip.

1. Packing too heavy.

This is the most common mistake and can lead to jumbled gear and sore backs. Take a piece of paper and write down what you actually need, and don’t pack the extras. Most items used for camping are minimal, and the extra stuff is just luggage to drag along.

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2. Not having an insulated ground cover to sleep on. 

Without a ground cover of some sort, a ground cloth or a properly insulated pad, the dampness in the ground will pull heat from your body as you toss and turn trying to sleep. Also, tree roots, rocks and other assorted bumps are less troublesome when a covering adds some padding. Bring one along and you will be praising it at 1 a.m.

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3. Not having proper rain protection.

This happens a lot. A simple, small, foldable rain suit or even a rain poncho will do wonders to keep your body dry and hypothermia free. Make sure you bring a tarp or a rain fly for your tent too.

Don’t let rain ruin your trip.

Oh, and don’t camp in areas prone to flood.

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4. Not bringing a backup to start a fire.

Butane lighters, matches and other sources should have a back up. Never have just one way to start a fire. Also, bring along something that can help get that fire going in damp weather, such as fire starters.



5. Bringing food that requires cooking.

You need to bring easy-to-prepare food that does not require refrigeration, heating or cooking. In case a fire is not available due to torrential rains you will still be able to eat.



Keep camping as simpe as you can, and it will a much more enjoyable trip. Have fun out there!

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Camping Fails: Learn to Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes