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This 1000 Lumen Flashlight is Perfect for EDC

Flashlights are critical for survival and offensive purposes.

The Cossatot brings 1000 Lumens to help you navigate your way.

USB rechargeable batteries make this package unique. The flashlight will recharge via USB cord and will recharge a removable battery. Should you not be able to recharge via USB cable, the battery can be swapped out with CR123 batteries commonly found with SureFire lights.

Water resistant out to 1 meter, the Cossatot, can be readily used should it be accidentally dropped in water. The caps are water resistant and will allow you to quickly deploy the light using the same brightness with their recall function. The light will deploy with the same lumens you used last so you don’t risk losing your night vision if you’re using the lowest power setting (10 lumens).

Batteries are estimated to last approximately 100 hours with varied use. It’s a great survival light considering darkness usually lasts only about 10 hours depending on where on the planet you might be. 100 hours will be perfect for a survival application.

The body is CNC machined and very light thanks to aircraft grade aluminum. Small enough to fit in your pocket, this light would fit for those men and women who are constantly looking for EDC gear that they can keep ready.

Stay motivated and be safe.



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This 1000 Lumen Flashlight is Perfect for EDC