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Felon Arrested After He Posts Facebook Video at Shooting Range

This Texan felon posted a Facebook video of him and his girlfriend at a shooting range. Too bad he’s not supposed to handle a gun.

Some people just don’t learn.

Lazaro Cooper of Corpus Christi, Texas, could be facing up to ten years in prison after posting a video on Facebook showing him shooting guns at Sharpshooter Firing Range. Cooper is a convicted felon and therefore not allowed to even touch a gun, let alone shoot one.

He was there, Cooper claims, because he was teaching his girlfriend how to shoot. Cooper admitted to renting one gun at the shooting range and video surveillance cameras show him carrying a bag to the car, which was believed to be holding his girlfriend’s pink .380 caliber pistol, which Cooper also used while at the range.

According to his lawyer, Kenneth Botary, Cooper did not realize he wasn’t allowed to have a gun at the firing range. The lawyer supports this by noting Cooper’s video was shared with everyone, instead of solely to his Facebook friends. “He put it on there public,” Botary said, trying to confirm that Cooper thought he had nothing to hide.

Although Botary stated that Cooper was trying to “turn a new leaf,” most likely the courts will not go easy on him. Not only do the majority of cases where felons are found with guns turn into convictions, but Cooper has a lengthy history with the law. He has been allegedly affiliated with the Tango Blast gang and has received multiple convictions including assaulting a public servant, possession of marijuana, evading arrest and tampering with evidence.

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Although police have not leaked the source that tipped them off about the Facebook video, Botary believes it may have been an angry ex-girlfriend.

Cooper’s arrest is the latest case where Facebook and other social media sites have assisted in catching and convicting felons of criminal behaviors.

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Felon Arrested After He Posts Facebook Video at Shooting Range