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The Most Fabulous Gobbler in the World: The Ocellated Turkey

The Featured Creature

Your Grand Slam is not complete until you bag the most fabulous wild turkey in the world: The ocellated turkey.

The ocellated turkey is a species of turkey originally from the Yucatan peninsula. Their feathers are an amazing array of multiple iridescent colors, almost blinding and definitely mesmerizing.

The Featured Creature

The ocellated turkey is smaller, but their spurs much larger, than the North American wild turkey, its distant relative. Both sexes of the ocellated turkey have a bright array of feathers, the males being sometimes brighter for attracting mates. There is not a lot of research on these birds and this makes them more elusive, exotic and fabulous. The NWTF is conducting more research on these beauties.

There are ocellated turkey hunting outfits throughout Central America. So when you head down to Mexico for Spring Break, take a pit stop to bag one of these gorgeous birds.

Or are they too pretty to eat?

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The Most Fabulous Gobbler in the World: The Ocellated Turkey