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FAA Says Beer Delivery Drones For Icefisherman Are Illegal

A Minnesota brewery’s aerial beer delivery drones aren’t allowed to make any more beer runs to ice fishermen, says the Federal Aviation Administration.

This winter, Lakemaid Beer had been testing their beer delivery drones that brought cases of brewskies to ice fishermen on the vast frozen lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Last week, the company posted a video online that demonstrated their aerial beer delivery drones.

The video quickly gained national attention. It also captured the attention of the FAA, which told Lakemaid that the use of drones for commercial services is illegal.

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“We were a little surprised at the FAA interest in this since we thought we were operating under the 400-foot limit,” Lakemaid managing partner Jack Supple told National Public Radio in an email.

In a related story, delivery mega corporation Amazon announced their future plans to use commercial drones on 60 Minutes last December. Supple said that Lakemaid’s beer delivery drones were safer because of the locations of the deliveries.

“Figured a vast frozen lake was a lot safer place than what Amazon was showing on 60 minutes,” Supple told NPR.

Here’s the video of the beer delivery drones in case you haven’t seen it.

Lakemaid has received lots of public support and condolences after hearing about the FAA’s ruling to ban the beer delivery drones. There’s even a White House petition to get the beer delivery drones back in the skies.


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FAA Says Beer Delivery Drones For Icefisherman Are Illegal