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Hunt through the Eyes of a Lioness [VIDEO]

Want to know what it looks like to hunt from a lioness’ point of view? Thanks, GoPro.

Man, this is the ultimate video of what a lion sees while hunting. Kevin Richardson straps a GoPro HERO3+ on Meg, the lioness.

Meg then proceeds to take down a buck and we get to see her point of view.

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A new project from GoPro explores lion conservation in South Africa with Kevin Richardson. Kevin is known as the “lion whisperer” and as you can see from this video, “Meggy” is pretty much his wild house cat. I think Meg may be purring in the final scene.

The GoPro’s angle is perfect to see Meg’s powerful shoulder blades while she stalks a buck. She then proceeds to take the buck down as Kevin calls her back.

This is a really cool project from GoPro that is directly benefiting The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary. Their goal is to provide a self-sustaining carnivore sanctuary for dwindling populations of big African cats.

Want to see a lion hug?

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Hunt through the Eyes of a Lioness [VIDEO]