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The ‘Eye of the Hunter TV’ Contest: A Hunting Trip Like No Other

Eye of The Hunter TV airs on NBC Sports and prides itself on not being a hunting show. It’s a self-described focus on the adventure of the hunt.

Husband and wife team Tom Opre and Olivia Nalos Opre host Eye of The Hunter TV. Both are accomplished hunters, having taken some amazing game all over the world.

Tom is an adventure filmmaker and Olivia is a hunting consultant and recent recipient of the Diana Award from Safari Club International. Eye Of The Hunter TV documents their adventures in pursuit of some of the world’s most exciting game animals.

Now they’re giving you a chance to join in on the adventure.

The show is taking to social media with a big proposition. If you Like their Facebook page, you’ll be in the running for a spectacular hunting trip to South Africa with Tollie’s African Safaris.

tollies-african-saf.-086-495x400 (1)

Accommodations for the South African dream hunt will be provided by Tollie’s African Safaris

When the Facebook Page reaches 100,000 Likes, a winner will be chosen. Will it be you?

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Trust me, this isn’t just a gimmick where you end up paying for lodging and getting nothing free of charge except a trophy fee. Included in the grand prize is a 10-day hunt for Cape Buffalo and other big game found in the African plains. All food, lodging and hunting will be fully provided. Airfare from New York to South Africa goes to the winner as well.

Olivia Nalos Opre Africa (1)

Olivia Nalos Opre with a harvest from a previous African hunting trip.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to harvest cape buffalo, springbok, wildebeest and more is the stuff hunting adventures are made of.

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The trip and hunt will also be filmed and air on NBC Sports during a future episode of Eye Of The Hunter TV. All told, this is a prize worth more than $20,000.

This isn’t just a one shot sweepstakes either; at 50,000 Likes, they’re giving away an Intrepid Arms RAS-12 AR Shotgun. Yes, you read that right, an AR platform 12 gauge shotgun. An Aimpoint sight and 2 cases of the special rimless ammo that feeds the RAS-12 will be included, so the winner can start shooting instantly.

They’ll also be giving away gear from Warn Industries, Brownell’s and Titan Fuel Tanks along the way. Seems like a no-brainer to me, enter today!

You can learn more about the sweepstakes and the show on their website.

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The ‘Eye of the Hunter TV’ Contest: A Hunting Trip Like No Other