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Extremely Rare and Unusual Double-Barrel Bolt-Action Rifle [VIDEO]

extremely rare and unusual Double Barrel Bolt Action Rifle

You've seen bolt-action rifles and double-barrel rifles, but have you ever seen a double-barrel bolt-action rifle?

Until I saw this video, I'd never heard of a double-barrel bolt-action rifle either. However, they do indeed exist, though they are extremely rare.

This example, manufactured by Christoph Funk of Suhl, Germany, is a standard Mauser bolt-action rifle chambered in 7mm Mauser (7x57mm) and .22 Long Rifle.

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Double-barrel bolt-action rifles probably never really caught on with the general shooting public because they are extremely complex and expensive to produce.

However, the principle of a double-barrel bolt-action rifle is sound: the 7mm Mauser cartridge is a great big game cartridge, and the .22 Long Rifle is perfect for small game.

Not only does this give the hunter the ability to hunt both big and small game while carrying just one firearm, but by combining them in such a manner, it probably makes the rifle lighter than a standard double rifle or drilling combination gun while still preserving the pointing and shooting characteristics of a typical bolt-action rifle.

This impressive example of German engineering was recently auctioned off by the Rock Island Auction Company, purveyors of many rare and expensive firearms.

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Extremely Rare and Unusual Double-Barrel Bolt-Action Rifle [VIDEO]