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2 Extremely Rare Blue Lobsters Caught Last Weekend

Blue Lobsters

A one in 2 million find were these blue lobsters caught off the coast of Maine and Nova Scotia last weekend. 

A pair of lobster fishermen caught the blues this weekend. Well not exactly, but on two separate occasions a lobster fisherman from Novia Scotia and Maine landed extremely rare vibrant blue lobsters.

Watch the live report of Blaine Marsh discussing his rare experience.

Catching a rare blue lobster is considered to be good luck, according to veteran lobster fisherman.  The two lobsters have been sent to the Toronto aquarium.

The vibrant blue lobster's color is accredited to a genetic mutation that causes the crustacean to produce higher levels of certain protein. Blue lobsters are rare, but white albino lobsters are considered to be even more elusive. Catching a white lobster is a one in a 100 million chance.

It's incredible that two separate blue lobsters were caught in just the span of one weekend. What other amazing things will happen this lobster season?


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2 Extremely Rare Blue Lobsters Caught Last Weekend