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Extremely Emaciated Baby Bear Spotted in Lake Tahoe Potentially Due to Drought [PICS]

All images via Save Tahoe Bears/ Facebook

Lake Tahoe's BEAR League has posted pictures of an emaciated baby bear soon before it died. They are claiming the cause of death was lack of water. 

The BEAR League of Lake Tahoe, California posted pictures of a baby bear in the area that was so emaciated that it looked like another animal.


The League got a call from a resident saying that there was an animal at their residence two hours outside Lake Tahoe. They weren't even sure what kind of animal it was.


The baby bear died within a few hours of these photos. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will perform an official autopsy as the bear was very skinny and was losing its fur.

The BEAR League wrote in its post that the drought and habitat loss were the cause of death but it has not been confirmed that lack of water was the reason it looked the way it did.


The mother bear was not seen.

Here is the full post on the BEAR League's Facebook page:

This will be hard to look at, but it's real and must be acknowledged. The drought along with habitat destruction is causing starvation for our wildlife. This is a bear, believe it or not. He died within hours after these photos were taken by the resident who called us about him. (this is two hours away from Tahoe) CADFW is going to preform an autopsy to find out what all went wrong. He has no hair and is emaciated beyond comprehension. The calling party did not even know what kind of an animal he was when she first saw him. We will let you know what we find out.

All images via Save Tahoe Bears/ Facebook

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Extremely Emaciated Baby Bear Spotted in Lake Tahoe Potentially Due to Drought [PICS]