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Extreme Weather Captured in Stunning Time-Lapse [VIDEOS]

Mike Oblinski

Time-lapse footage of extreme weather is as hypnotizing, scary and awesome as anything you will see. This stuff looks like Hollywood movie CGI, but it is as real as real can get.

Supercell clouds of lightning and unpredictable tornados are both terrifying and stunningly beautiful. Time-lapse adds a whole other level of cool.

Behold some of the world’s most extreme weather, caught on film.

Storm chaser Mike Oblinski fits the bill as one of those obsessed extreme weather addicts. You know, the kind of people who spend their free time watching weather radar screens and who will drive for hours just to catch a storm that might form.

Oblinski’s passion has, however, paid off in spades. He has captured some of the most incredible, magnificent images of extreme weather conditions anyone has ever seen.

His latest project is even more ambitious, as he produced film of multiple storms in time-lapse format.

We see roiling, massive cloud formations full of brilliant colors and life, spitting horrifying and fantastic shards of lightning across the sky and into the earth. This is extreme weather made even more wicked – if that is possible – by the speed of the film.

It is mesmerizing.

Go ahead and be awed even more by Oblinski’s timelapse of a supercell near Booker, Texas. “Heavenly” is the word that immediately comes to mind as image and music create a magnificent experience.

Oblinski’s website is loaded with more amazing images of Mother Nature at her most badass.

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Extreme Weather Captured in Stunning Time-Lapse [VIDEOS]